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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, enrollment is still open for the 12-Week, Life Design Coaching Program.

Everywhere you look, there's talk about personal and professional growth. Coaches, gurus, and online courses abound, offering quick fixes that promise the world but deliver little in terms of real, sustainable transformation.

But the truth is, many are merely scratching the surface, playing it by ear with techniques that might not even suit your unique life's blueprint.

That's why we created the Life Design Coaching Program. This isn't just a series of vague tips and motivational speeches repackaged as a breakthrough system.

It’s a meticulously crafted pathway, developed through years of practical application and success, designed to guide you step-by-step in crafting a life of purpose, presence, and prosperity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a career crossroads, facing personal hurdles, or simply seeking a more fulfilled and balanced life...

By the end of this program, you won't just be setting goals—you'll be living them. You’ll have the tools, mindset, and habits to take on any challenge with clarity and confidence!

Here’s everything you’re going to get when you become a member today:

Dedicated Life Design Coach with Comprehensive Curriculum

Transform your entrepreneurial journey under the tutelage of a Dedicated Life Design Coach who brings not only expertise in personal growth but also a deep understanding of foundational business principles and ENTRE-specific concepts.

This all-encompassing coaching experience includes meticulously curated topics that cover the essential aspects of building and running a successful business alongside advanced ENTRE strategies and frameworks. You’re not just being coached; you’re being equipped to think, act, and succeed in complex business environments, ensuring that every step you take is measured and effective

Lifestyle Design Laptop

Plus, you’ll receive all of the following bonuses


Assigned Cohort

Experience personalized growth within a dynamic learning community, part of a rank-specific homebase cohort of up to 30 students. Each cohort is led by an experienced ENTRE Life Design Coach, creating a supportive network that fosters collaboration, peer learning, and individual attention. This setup ensures that all participants can draw upon collective wisdom while receiving guidance tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

Assigned Cohorts Tablet

Coaching Journal

Document your progress and reflect on your learning with a dedicated Coaching Journal. This tool is essential for tracking your developments, strategizing your actions, and holding yourself accountable throughout the coaching program. More than just a diary, your journal is a mirror reflecting your journey, helping you visualize your growth and fine-tune your path forward.

Coaching Journal Tablet

Access to Learning Labs

Dive into an immersive educational experience with full access to our Learning Labs. These labs provide a vibrant setting to apply your knowledge, experiment with new strategies, and polish your skills under the guidance of experts. They are crucial for integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that you remain at the cutting edge of business innovation.

Learning Labs Laptop

Access to Office Hours

Benefit from these live sessions led by our Tech Geniuses to receive invaluable technical assistance and engage in interactive Q&A sessions tailored specifically for wherever you are feeling “stuck” when it comes to the techy things. Whether you're just getting started, fine-tuning your business acumen, or seeking guidance on technical aspects of your entrepreneurial journey, this coaching benefit is your lifeline to knocking out those tech hurdles.

Office Hours Phone

Plus, Full Access to ENTRE Explorer

ENTRE's Accelerator & Mastery Curriculum

Gain unlimited access to ENTRE's comprehensive curriculum that guides you through various business paths. Each accelerator is taught by successful ENTREpreneurs and designed to set up a specific business model in 90 days or less. After completion, continue your education with unlimited access to our mastery curriculum for ongoing skill improvement.

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Weekly Live Expert Trainings

Participate in live weekly virtual trainings and "hot seat" sessions with top entrepreneurs and industry experts. These sessions cover essential knowledge across ENTRE’s business paths. Get real-time solutions to your challenges and direct insights into current industry practices.

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Elite ENTRE Masterclasses

Attend 4- to 8-week advanced training masterclasses held LIVE in a private group setting. These deep-dive sessions focus on high-level skills like marketing, sales, customer acquisition, and more, essential for top business owners. We will also cover our 3P’s system designed to fully transform your personal, professional and physical life. Classes are recorded and added to your personal ENTRE library.

Assigned Cohorts Tablet

Path-based Mastermind Communities

Join a community of like-minded business owners in path-based mastermind groups. Collaborate, form high-value joint ventures, find potential business partners, and stay focused with the help of powerful accountability groups.

Assigned Cohorts Tablet

Entresoft Subscription

Benefit from an "all in one" proprietary software platform, Entresoft, which combines funnel building, lead management, website creation, and more. Entresoft eliminates the need to juggle multiple platforms, helping you bypass common tech challenges and maintain momentum in your business endeavors.

Assigned Cohorts Tablet

The fact is, there has never been a better time to redefine your approach to business and personal growth...

So, if you’re ready to start living with greater purpose, presence, and prosperity, to not just meet but exceed your personal and professional goals...

This is the program that will get you there!

You can transform your life today for $3,497. Don’t miss this opportunity, as we are set to begin our dedicated coaching sessions soon. This offer will close soon too.

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